ATKINS — Love Hate Hate Relationship

Well….  I see the last time I posted on my blog here was:  July 3rd.




Well…  a lot has happened since then.  A LOT….. and it’s only noon on July 7th.


I gotta write down everything here relating to my Atkins WOL (way of life), and everything that relates to it, so I can come back here and see what worked and what didn’t…  as I have a HORRIBLE memory)


July 1st, Monday – I had gotten 2 Hass Avocados… cuz I read on the Atkins page that they like U to eat 1/2 avocado a day.  I had only tried these once, a long long time ago.  My Mom & I experimented with one.  We didn’t like it at all.    Looking back now, I don’t think they were ripe enough then.

Anyways… after ‘researching’ online about avocados, and looking at low-carb recipes, etc….  from what I had in the house, I mixed up a whole avocado with 2 TBsp of mayo, and sprinkled in pepper and garlic.  I dipped pork rinds into it, and ended up eating the WHOLE bowl of it myself, for dinner, while Hubby ate his 2 Swanson’s chicken pot pies.  Dang, that ‘dip/guacamole’ stuff was goooooooooood.  And filling.  mmmm-good.  🙂


Hey, Hey, Hey…………  guess what I forgot to tell ya’s??!!…..  On Tuesday, July 2nd…  after my weigh-in at WW  (it’s our secret right now, that I’m still weighing in there, but doing atkins)….  I hit WENDY’s………..  Like I have been doing every single Tuesday for like the last 5 years (seriously)…  but……. this time….  I got my 2 double stacks WITH bacon AND mayo…..  ………..  …….   ……..  wait for it ….   ……  I insisted on eating the buns this time.  cuz….  maybe….  i didn’t eat breakfast….  and I was justifying to myself….  that I DESERVED to eat the buns cuz I deserved a treat and those burgers are soooooooooo good on buns, not just on stupid lettuce leaves!!!!  So I ate ’em.  Buns and all !!  And they were FREAKIN’ DEEEEELicious!  mmmmm mmmmm mmmmmm.


July 3rd, Wednesday:  TOTAL OF 5 LBS LOST SO FAR since I started Atkins.

Stupid scrambled eggs again…  with sausage patties.  ugh.  Could not barely eat them. 

I got a rotisserie chicken from the market in the afternoon, as I was sooooo hungry.  After I got all the groceries put away, I ravaged that poor chicken, eating 1/2 of one of the breasts and one of the legs, while I was standing at the counter!  Damn, was I hungry. 


Sheeeeesh.  So.  The chicken was supposed to be for our supper.  I cannot have chicken again for supper now.  I just had some.

So, for hubby, I heated up some of the chicken into some gravy with some mushrooms I sautéed in butter.  He loves that, smothering 2 pieces of toast with it for him…..  saving a 1/4 cup of it (minus the chicken), to add onto the Atkins frozen meal I was having for dinner:  Meatloaf with mushrooms & gravy, w/ cauliflower and broccoli on the side.

I was SURprised at how yummy that meatloaf was.  I wasn’t hungry enough to eat the veggies.  Saved them for another time.



July 4th.  Thursday.  Fourth of July Holiday.  I was a VERY GOOD DOOBIE  LOL

I planned ahead, for the cook-out we had been invited to.  Hubby, my son and I attended.

I brought a crockpot full of no-carb kielbasa, cooked in BBQ sauce, brown sugar, crushed pineapple, and 3 color rotini macaroni salad (for others to eat, I ate none of them)….  I brought a container of peeled, sliced cucumbers drizzled with olive oil/vinegar/spices… a container of olives, 3 bubba burgers and 5 slices of cheese.  Also in the cooler were 2 waters, my crystal light juice & a diet coke.


No matter how STARVing I was, I wouldn’t let myself eat anything else but olives & cucumber slices while the burgers were cooking on the grill.


Everyone else was walking around eating hot dogs on rolls, potato chips, doritos, cookies, cupcakes, lemon bars, peanut butter bars, macaroni salad, potato salad…..  ughhhhhhhhhhhh

I was soooooooo hungry.


I sulked down my bubba burger with cheese, a few cuke slices and a few olives….  And told myself that it was delicious and filling.    NOT

Needless to say, I was hungry all day and all evening.  😦    I HATE that feeling.  HATE it!


When we got home, I picked out some of the keilbasa from the leftovers into a small bowl, scraping off all the bbq sauce & pineapple, etc… and ate them, while watching a 1/2 show before going to bed.  HUNGRY   😦


July 5th.  Friday.    No breakfast, 2nd day in a row.    😦

We HAD to go to his aunt’s house today, over an hour away.  No time to make breakfast.  On the way, we did a Dunkin Donuts drive-thru.  U KNOW there is nothing there that is no/low carb… unless you take the bread off.  WELL, by NOW…  I am ready to kill someone.  I am STARVING.  So, I got a sausage/egg & cheese ON an everything bagel.  BAD  BAD  BAD.  KETOSIS DONE.  OVER.  I KILLED IT.  DAMN DAMN DAMN.  I am SO angry. 

It had NO flavor.  None if it.  I was so mad.  I wanted it to taste delicious…  as so many of them before had.    It filled me up.  For now.    ::::sigh::::

When we got there, Aunt and niece were having lunch.  Peanut butter & jelly sandwiches made on FRESH HOMEMADE BREAD.  ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  Did I say HOMEMADE yet??   LOL  Put a knife in my heart and kill me dead now!


So, I said:  No thank you.  We’re stuffed.  We’re not hungry.  We just ate.  Thank U for offering.  ugh.

I went into the kitchen.  Several times.  Getting fresh water, cuz there is no air conditioning there.    We are sweating.  92-degrees, heat index near 100.  Many times, I had to go in to get water to drink.  FINALLYYYYYYY…..  I lean down, and SMELL that fresh baked cut loaf of bread on the counter.  Don’t touch it.  I don’t.  This time.  After my 3rd trip into the kitchen, I break down and cut off a sliver, not even a 1/4 inch thick.  What is wrong with me??  I cannot even taste it.  But it smells soooooooo good.    Hmm.  Next trip into kitchen I slice off another 1/4 sliver.  Still NO taste.  I am soooooooo mad.  I ‘cheated’ for that??  NO taste.  No reward for cheating.  STUPID STUPID STUPID


On the way home, we are both hungry and WICKED hot.  He spies a Dairy Queen.  Are you kidding me??????  Pahhlease.  ugh.  Sure I said.  U can stop.  Get me a kiddie cone with vanilla ice cream.  I’ve already blown this whole Atkins thing anyway.  Somebody shoot me, please.


That was the BEST ice cream I have EVER tasted!!  OMG  Thank U God!   LOL



Yesterday…  July 6th.  Saturday.  I AM UP 3 LBS.  3 !!!

C’mon Atkins.  Really???  2 slivers of bread and a tiny ice cream cone and U put me up 3-whole pounds!!  THAT is UNfair!    ughhhhhhhhhhh


SO, Yesterday – July 6th – Back in the saddle I go:

Breakfast:  2 scrambled eggs, 2 sausage links (no carbs in either)… can barely finish them.


Lunch:  can of chicken noodle soup (which I just now realized is 7 net carbs for 1/2 can —  and I ate the whole can so it was like 17.5 carbs for that  😦  & real tasty salad with leftover cucumber/chicken sauted in butter & crushed pork rinds & lettuce, drizzled with olive oil/vinegar/seasonings.



1  1/2 Pork loin cutlet slow fried in butter coated with crushed pork rinds

Less than a 1/4 cup of tiny baby peas


I think I am finally all caught up, in writing down my meals here….

All the BAD ones, and all the GOOD ones.


And I do think I am back in Ketosis, cuz I am barely hungry here.

I plan on having WENDY’S burgers again for lunch, BUT they will be on lettuce leafs……..  NO MORE BUNS for me.  I promise…. myself.


Don’t know for sure yet what I will do for dinner.  Cuz I am getting tired now.  Another ‘symptom’ for me, that reassures me that I’m in Ketosis.  I get pretty tired while in it.  Which is okay.  Cuz it makes me go to bed earlier at night.  I can’t eat while I’m asleep.   LOL


So, If I do get hungry later, I will crack open the other avocado I have, and will make some more of that dip and have it with some pork rinds tonight.


OHHHHHHHH…..  by the way….  as of this morning…. I am UP a total of 4….  yep….  FOUR lbs..  from all those bad bad bad things I ate:  sausage/egg/cheese on a bagel, ice cream cone, bread slivers, noodle soup, peas…   bad bad bad kitty!


But I am sooooooooooooooo determined to make this work.  Cuz I KNOW it works.  I KNOW ketosis works!!!!!!!  It worked for me before, when I lost the 105 lbs, and I KNOW it is working for sooooooooooo many other people.


So, tomorrow,………  when my food stamps come in (I am disabled, remember)…. I plan on buying more bubba burgers, some zucchini, more summer squash, ….  not sure what else yet.


Beef holds me the longest….  like 6 – 7 hours, where chicken seems to only hold me like 2 – 3 hours.  I don’t want to keep thinking about food all the time.  I don’t want to keep eating all day or all night.  I wanna just eat and go on with my day.        So that’s why I prefer to do burgers.  Simple.  Quick.  Satisfying.  Holds me for hourrrrrs.  Done.  🙂


Well, me thinks this is the longest post since I’ve started ‘blogging’.  Now I’m tired.  LOL  Maybe I will take a nap, it’s only 1:30 in the afternoon…  90-degrees w/heat index of 98. 


Hugsssssssssssss  🙂


Atkins – Love Hate Relationship

So…  why didn’t you remind me?, about the KETO FLU ??

I can’t remember everything, U know.

So, the reason I have not written in days is I am sick as a dog.  With the flu.  Not just any flu.  The Keto Flu.  Nausea, vomiting, hot, cold, no appetite.  NO APPETITE??  Did I just say “NO APPETITE”??  OMG   Yes, I did.

From the research I’ve done online, ‘this’ flu lasts anywhere from 2 days up to 2 weeks, in some people.  Guess what?  It means you are in ketosis, and are losing weight by using fat as fuel instead of carbs.  Your body is changing gears and it’s traumatic for most of us.

I feel like I’m gonna die.  I am forcing myself right now not to go hug the porcelain god.  I am trying to distract myself by writing to you.  I have been up for almost an hour, it’s almost 5am now.  I fear if I lie down my guts are gonna come out all over my pillow case  lol  seriously.

Good News tho!  I’m down 5 lbs so far in my first week!  Yayyyyyyy  🙂

LOVE U Atkins! :-)

Just wanted ya’ll to know  🙂  that before I

started my day here today, my precious scale said I was down about 1  1/2 lbs.  yayyyyyyy

Only 2 days on Atkins and I’ve lost weight already.  …. after being at 175# for over 6 months now.

So, I kept my regular Tuesday morning weigh-in at Weight Watchers, and they said I was down 1.6 lbs.  Keep up the good work, they said.  LOL  🙂   our little secret, okay?  lol

I will right up today’s & tomorrow’s meals tomorrow, as I am running behind and have an early morning ahead of me.



I do plan on livening up my blog with pics in the very near future.



Pics of myself.

Pics of my meals.





We shall see what the future holds  🙂

The suspense is killing me  🙂




So my first 2 days of Atkin’s Induction meals:



Yesterday, Day 1:

Breakfast:  2 scrambled eggs with a tbsp of half & half

Lunch:  bowl of canned tuna, mixed with mayo, wrapped in iceberg lettuce pieces.

Dinner:  1/4lb of beef patty with a slice of melted american cheese, on 2 iceberg lettuce leaves slathered with mayo

Evening Snack:  2 slices off a brick of Sharp Cheddar Cheese


Today’s Meals:

Breakfast:  2 scrambled eggs with a tbsp of heavy cream, 2 mild Jones sausage links (0 carbs), with 1 melted slice of Land O’Lakes american cheese

Lunch:  5 olives and a slab of New York Sharp Cheddar Cheese

Dinner:  4 small pieces of heroin chicken, cauliflower mash (with mayo & pepper), and 1 cup of boiled broccoli. 

Evening Snack:  3 more pieces of heroin chicken left-over



I want to keep track of all my meals, so when some days I can’t decide what to eat, or what meals to plan for, I can back-track through my blog to find out which meals I liked, which were quick/easy to prepare, which ones held me over the longest, which ones I’d need to shop for, which ones helped or hurt with my weight loss.


Well, I promised yesterday, that today I would post my measurements.

‘That’s’ why I started this blog.  To keep myself honest.  To keep myself ‘accountable’.



Bra Line (under breasts):  34″

Biceps:  Left – 14″, Right – 14  3/4″  (yes, I’m right handed  lol)

Waist:  41″

Hips:  46  1/2″

Thighs:  25  3/4″

Calves:  16″

WEIGHT:  175#



I weigh myself every morning.


Not sure yet when I will do the full body measurements again.  Maybe after the first 2-week Induction period?  Maybe once each month?  I’ll get back to you on that.


Atkins Induction Recipe

I wanted to post this recipe on here quickly before I lost it… definitely want to make this soon!

Low Carb Chicken and Zucchini ‘Pasta’

1 large zucchini
1 garlic clove, crushed
2TBsps cream
leftover cooked chicken
shredded Parmesan cheese
Freshly ground salt and black pepper
butter/olive oil

Slice the zucchini up into spaghetti like strips then saute with some butter and/or olive oil and garlic. Add chicken and saute until chicken is warmed through then add a few spoonfuls of cream, a sprinkle of parmesan and season with salt and pepper to taste. Warm through and serve